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Cryptid Trip to West Virginia

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered if there are things in the woods that you can’t explain? Have you ever wandered into the woods looking for the things you can’t explain? Wildlife is expected, but what if there were things to find in the woods that were unexpected? West Virginia is a dense forest state that is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Bobcat, black bear, cougars, elk, fisher cats and a beautiful colorful fish known as the candy darter. There is even rumored to be a push to reintroduce red wolves into the state. One could probably spend a long period of time in the state and see none of these animals, maybe one or two if lucky, but for some seeing these animals happens quite often. But what if a creature like sasquatch were to call West Virginia home? Whether you’re a believer in cryptozoology or not, West Virginia may be the place to go knocking.


Possibly America’s most argued and famous cryptid is sasquatch. This big guy is made mostly famous by the Patterson-Gimlin film that was captured in Northern California back in the 1960s. A short video captured an ape-like figure walking away from a rocky area, looking back slightly before continuing on. Several sightings have taken place all across the US and Canada, including West Virginia. As recent as 2015 an individual had a daytime sighting near Route 39. Another came from a teenager hunting, having the feeling of being watched only to find out a seven-foot creature peeking at him from behind a tree. Plausible? Come see for yourself and check out the Bigfoot Museum for more local lore.

Flatwoods Monster

Here’s one that might seem odd, but is quite popular in local and even national culture. On September 12, 1952 two boys saw a glowing light in the sky and saw it come crashing down on a nearby farm Braxton County. Upon arriving at the site of the crash, one individual shined a flashlight near the object, to see a red-faced being staring back at him. The being was also wear a gown or cloak-like outfit, and had a terribly pungent odor. Sightings occurred before and after this date as well, all telling the tale of a similar floating like monster. Its an incredible story that has even been the focus of Project Bluebook on the History Channel. For more information about the Flatwoods Monster, be sure to visit the Flatwoods Monster Museum!


If you’re coming from Ohio or the Great Lakes region, coming to West Virginia you might pass by Point Pleasant’s Mothman Museum. The story of the Mothman is well known, thanks to a Hollywood movie starring Richard Ger

e and Laura Linney. Detailing the true story of the bridge that collapsed over the Ohio River, killing 46 people in 1967. Although Mothman’s West Virginia roots are not from the New River Gorge area, he has been spotted all across the world. Be on the lookout for this infamous creature!


Made famous from his days on the cover of Weekly World News, this little critter calls West Virginia home as well. Whether you accept his infamy as fact or fiction, you can research his story while sitting around the campfire, drinking a Batboy black Czech lager, brewed and distributed throughout the Gorge region by Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. Very tasty!

Closing Thoughts

Fact or fiction, cryptids can make for a fun argument, story-telling and truth seeking. Its fun to research the lore of these creatures and others that have a presence in the Gorge-area. What’s even greater is you can support the local economy by visiting these museums and learning even more from those who can have perhaps learned the most of these creatures and more; and if you happen to come across a sasquatch on McFadden Ridge, please tag us so we can see for ourselves!

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