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What’s New around the New…River Gorge?

Dad jokes, amirite? Seasons come and go, and with that comes change. Sometimes its no fun to learn of local staples closing shop but we’re here to update our visitors and those flirting with the idea of visiting McFadden Ridge of all the *new* openings and changes around our cabins so you know where to find all the fun as well as a must try whether its new or not. So, let’s dig in.

Ben Franklin Closes its Doors

Let’s tackle the sad one right up front; after decades as a cornerstone store in historic downtown Fayetteville, Ben Franklin’s is closing its doors for good. Ben Franklin’s provided almost anything you could imagine from crafts, small groceries, stationary, party goods and more. They made the announcement this spring they would be done serving the community after 67 years! Wow! To quote Ron Burgundy: I’m not even mad, that’s amazing. We were lucky to get in and get some chocolate on the final day, and we’re certain there will be a new business lighting up the street before too long.

New Boutique in Mount Nebo

Lost Anchor Boutique had its grand opening weekend just a few weeks ago in the early part of June. They specialize in offering trendy clothing, craft cleaning supplies, swimwear and more. Just up the road from McFadden Ridge too! Grab a coffee at Appalachian Coffee House and come take a look at what’s in stock.

Speaking of Coffee…

Appalachian Coffee House in Mount Nebo has expanded their storefront. Always a warm and welcoming environment, now offers some additional seating and conference space for work calls or more privacy. Although you shouldn’t be doing any work while on vacation! Come in and check out their new additions and get a cup or bag of beans to go.

Gad Dam It, They Brew it!

Confused? Don’t be. Perhaps our favorite place to hangout in town is Gad Dam Brewing. The owners have always made our family feel more than welcome and they have something for everyone. Smoothies, coffee, small plates, local craft beer, wine, and the most relaxing outdoor space we’ve known. We’ve kept in the loop on their process of becoming an operating brewery and we’re happy to share they’ve done it! Gad Dam* it, they brew it! Our personal recommendation would be the coffee stout. Even on a warm summer day it is absolutely refreshing. *if you’re offended here, search through our catalog of blogs to understand the name…

Freefolk Expands Operations

Freefolk Brewery, located just south of Fayetteville has expanded their operations and offerings to Hico. Now, guest of McFadden Ridge can try out their delicious beer with only half the drivetime. They offer a consistent food truck and have space large enough to move around, play games and enjoy your company.

El Bandido comes to Summersville

We learned of this addition to the local eateries a few months ago and were totally excited! You will find a Mexican cuisine menu that feels comfortable with plenty of options to try something new. Lunch and dinner specials can’t be beat, and the drinks will taste even better after a day on the lake. Located next to The Original, another one of our favorites.

In Closing

Well that about does it for all that’s new. I did see a black bear the other day, so I guess that’s new but not of any real surprise. We’ll keep an eye out for the reopening of Secret Sandwich Society, which has been working its way back after over three years due to a fire.

If there’s anything we missed, be sure to find it in our travel guide we send out to all guests, and never hesitate in approaching us for recommendations for your trip!

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