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West Virginia Fall Foliage- The Best Travel Destination!

Fall-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! West Virginia, in our humble opinion, is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to fall foliage adventure states. Between late September and all of October, West Virginia transforms its greens leaves into orange and brown and red and yellow and wow, its breathtaking no matter where you’re visiting. Here are a couple of destinations near McFadden Ridge we recommend visiting if you want to feel like a walking, talking pumpkin spice latte.

Boley Lake, Babcock State Park

First off, you can’t go wrong visiting any corner of Babcock State Park during the fall. Seeing the Grist Mill surrounded by its brilliance this time of year is a sight you can’t stop staring at. But perhaps the hidden gem is just around the corner. Traverse the winding road to the top of the park and you’ll find this crystal-clear lake surrounded by trees. Its cleanliness allows the trees to not only glow where they stand, but to reflect off the water as well. Double fall colors! You should be able to enjoy this beauty from early to mid-October.

Monongahela National Forest

Monongahela National Forest is a little drive from McFadden Ridge, approximately forty minutes, but this time of year it only adds to the fun as trees line the road along the way. You can pick from many spots to visit in the expansive forest, but you can never go wrong with spots like Cranberry Glades or Falls at Hills Creek. Be sure to visit in late September as the leaves in this part of the state tend to turn quicker.

Hawk’s Nest State Park

A great feature of the many parks in our area, is you can almost always find easy scenic views. Hawk’s Nest Scenic Overlook is found right of the Midland Trail (Rt. 60) with a short walk to a panoramic view of Almost Heaven. This view shows you the New River as it winds its way north unlike almost every other river in the world. If you’re lucky to visit on a clear blue day, the river will glisten adding an extra effect of fabulous fall for you.

New River Gorge National Park

Now this one is a given, and the reason being is that its large size, like that of Monongahela National Forest, gives you hundreds of spots to enjoy fall foliage. The important part to know is simply when and where to visit if you want to enjoy the colors. The north end of the park may start to turn in early October, but luckily the rest of it hangs onto its autumn attitude for most of October. Easy spots will be the visitor center and its many overlooks, Endless Wall, Canyon Rim, Grandview, Long Point – and many more.

Everywhere Else in Between

Are you surprised that a state that is majority forest might be gorgeous in every corner you can find? You shouldn’t be. Driving in from out of town or out of state? Whether you’re on interstate 64 or 77 or 79 it’s gorgeous. Taking a backroad? Route 19 or 41 or 60 are even better! No matter where you are you’ll find rolling hills, leaves a ‘changing, waterfalls and the mountain momma West Virginia country roads taking you home.

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