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Gauley Season! The great white water rafting adventure

(Sing in tune to “deck the halls”) When’s the season to go rafting? Fall, fall, fall, fall, fall…fall, fall, fall, fall.

Gauley season, folks. It’s almost here! Although it may seem a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the warm days of summer, inevitably the air will crisp, the leaves will change and the whitewater will flow. World renowned Gauley Season begins on September 9th and runs until October 16th.

Here’s the skinny: anyone can raft the Gauley River, whether you’ve been rafting a hundred times or none. Each outfitter educates rafters on the experience, how to stay safe, and each boat has an experienced guide piloting your trip. You’ll be in great hands no matter where you choose.

what makes it so special? The Gauley offers dozens of rapids, including several class V with breathtaking views of the Mountain State. In fact, as someone who has rafted, you spend a good chunk of time taking in the scenery, conversing with friends and making memories. The rapids simply give you something of a conversation piece. In fact, Google " Best white water rafting in the US" and the Gauley ranks in the top 5 on most lists out there.

The Gauley offers trips for the Upper, Lower and Marathon (full river trip). The Upper is considered the most difficult, the Lower a little easier and of course the most challenging would be the entire river. Consider starting with the Lower if you are a beginner and working your way up.

You can check out numerous outfitters but Ace, Cantrell and Adventures on the Gorge are closest to McFadden Ridge.

Consider this life-changing experience, and see what makes Gauley season so special to visitors from across the globe.

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