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Rainy day plans

What to do on a Rainy Day?

Nothing can seem to dampen your travel plans like rainy weather. You may have planned to spend time on the lake, walk around town or go for hikes that could now be in jeopardy. Don’t fear though, there is plenty you can find to do around Summersville and Fayetteville even when the weather is bad.

First things first, the biggest attraction to the area is the whitewater rafting. The good news is these trips are hardly ever cancelled due to rain. Why? Well, because you were planning on getting wet anyway. If you’ve traveled from afar for the number one attraction in the state, you should be just fine to enjoy your excursion. If you didn’t plan on whitewater rafting, consider these activities instead.

Visit the area museums and galleries

There is a lot of history in our area of West Virginia with opportunities to learn about Native Americans, coal mining, African American culture from the region and modern and local art. The New River Gorge visitor center is a great place to start, and its just next to the overlook of the gorge itself. For the African American Heritage tour, you can drive around the multiple counties and follow along all 17 stops on the National Park Service webpage. For local art checkout Love Hope Center, Wild Art Wonderful Things, Mountain Art Glass or Gauley River Pottery. You can also take a scenic drive to Beckley and check out the coal mining tours and check out their children’s museum.

Escape the rain!

Did you know that West Virginia is home to a safehouse bunker designed to protect all members of the House and Senate if ever need be? While that is a ways away in Greenbrier County, you can come visit Escape-a-torium and pretend you’re really experiencing a nuclear fallout. Other fun escape rooms include some virtual reality escapes, one involving haunted toys and a new one that pits you in your very own Hatfield-McCoy-like scenario, as you escape the Feud!

Eat and drink

When booking with Mcfadden Ridge, we provide you with a digital guidebook where you can find great places to eat, drink and shop! And don't miss our blog post on all the amazing places to grab a drink! Check it out!

Enjoy our covered patio

Maybe you were looking to have a quiet cabin weekend anyway. Our patio is covered and the hot tub beneath the awning means you can enjoy it regardless of the weather. Play some giant Jenga and grill out, just like you would if the sun were shining! Our dining tabletop allows you to sit outside and listen to the rain hit the tin roof, the trees sway in the wind and the absence of the hustle and bustle you may be used to.

You see? Not even rain can ruin your trip to West Virginia. Plus, if you’re a trooper you may have already come prepared to do things like hiking in the rain, and if you’re interested in doing so and come unprepared, there are outfitters across the area, including Lakeside Outfitters where you can get some waterproof gear. Enjoy West Virginia under any element!

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